About the foundation

The foundation has been started in the holy remembrance of late Shri "Sardar Veerabhadrappa Gunappa Nayak Bahadur Desai" and for all his noble works. The foundation has been started on 30/1/10 under society's registration act 1960 holding a society registration number DRL/SOR/BGM/210/2009-2010.

Aims and objectives

1. To maintain the old heritage and culture of our state by constructing, developing and maintaining the old historic forts, temples, historic museums, cultural halls etc.
2. To maintain the traditional system of agriculture like organic farming, preserving the Indian cattle life stock by constructing Gow shale and developing Indian cows.
3. To conduct rural sports and rural cultural activities like Bhajana, Keertana and tour programs and to publish and literature on the same.
4. To uplift all the religions and public awareness to bring the forth brotherhood and goodwill in public.
5. To conduct the research in all the disciplines of agriculture to enhance the scientific knowledge more specifically to evolve the improved verities of groups and animal breeds,     to produce sound plants protection technology.
6. To conduct the special training and courses for women in farming and home development, to act as nodal agency for woman developmental activities.
7. To undertake the execution of projects like the integrated rural water supply, survey of water resources and the environment sanitation projects etc with the financial and     managerial assistance from the govt. and the concerned bodies.
8. To undertake and execute schemes, programs and projects like youth affairs and sports departments concern to the youths in order to achieve welfare and development of     these youths and to empower these youths through strengthening their youth clubs.
9. To purchase and to overtake the assets, properties and the engagements of the institutions already set up and to acquire, hold and to dispose off the property in any     manner whatsoever in the interest of the foundation.

Activities of foundation

1. With the motive to promote the cultural heritage, the Sardar VeerabhadrappaGunappa Nayak Bahadur Desai foundation on the very day of its inauguration started the     Belgaum branch of "Karnataka Itihas academy, Bangalore" at Chachadi dated on 7/2/2010.
2. To promote the Indian cattle breed and to promote the conservation of Indian species of cattle, calf exhibition was held in Chachadi on 15/3/2010 with cash prizes and     certificates to cattle owners for encouragement.
3. With the humble intention of educating the rural youths on Law and Legislature, Legal Aid Camp was inaugurated by Chief Justice Subramanya J S.
4. Scholarships were granted every year to the top scoring Best Boy and Best Girl at primary section Best Master Award at high school section.
5. Participants of the program “Itihas Parampare Olise” conducted by Karnataka Itihas academy, Belgaum at different places were honoured with cash prizes and     certificates sponsored by Sardar VeerabhadrappaGunappa Nayak Bahadur Desai foundation.
6. Foundation also has the fame of organizing a National Level Open Fide Rating Chess Tournaments at Belgaum dated on 2010/2010.
7. In order to promote agriculture and its practices, foundation organizes training programs at Chachadi and at Agricultural university, Dharward as well.
8. Sardar VeerabhadrappaGunappa Nayak Bahadur Desai Foundation, in association with KLE society and with other health institutes organizes a routine health camps at     Chachadi.
9. In order to encourage and support the rural youth on sports, cricket tournament were conducted honoring the winners with cash prizes and certificates.
10. Sardar VeerabhadrappaGunappa Nayak Bahadur Desai foundation has promoted the conservation program at Hooli, highlighting the conservation of cultural villager and       its temple and monuments.
11. To empower and to promote rural sports, a cart race is organized every year honoring the winners with cash prizes and certificates sponsored by Sardar       VeerabhadrappaGunappa Nayak Bahadur Desai foundation.
12. Foundation has also brought out many publications on Ayurveda Medicine and Folk Songs.
13. Foundation has also formed and maintains a museum having all those historic guns, equipments, talks and house hold things of age passed.